Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My final farewell to A beautiful spirit

Malinda Thomas Wyatt
March 21, 1978 - March 4, 2006
After a strong battle with Diabetes and the damaging effects it
caused to her health including, blindness, gout, heart diease,
CHF, enlarged heart, and extreme hyper tension, MalindaWyatt
finally went home to her parents and the lord on that Sunday Morning. Leaving behind her 3 brothers Simon, Joe and Elliot Wyatt and one Nephew Moliek Wyatt. Along with my many friends who in many ways were the sisters she never had. The morning of her death still plays in my mind like it was yesturday. She had battled diabetes for 17 years and finally her poor body just couldn't take it anymore. Malinda lost both of her parent 2 years apart from the same diease that took her life. Malinda Wyatt was a beautiful person who cared deeply about those in her life. When the father to my oldest son left me on Christmas Day 2000 she was with me the whole day and well into the night. When I started going to Southern Careers in 2001 she knew how nervous I was and even though it cost her a pretty penny she enrolled herself in school as well so she could go with me. After she knew I would be okay she stopped going which left her with a huge bill, even though I begged her to go back and not let her bill be for nothing she told me she went only to ease my nerves and that she knew she wasn't going to last long and that a certification wouldn't do her any good anyway. After I graduated from Southern Careers I want to attend Del-Mar, Malinda took me in her little beat up car and even though I know it was must have been hard for her to take me after going through 4 hours of dialysis she drove me there and everywhere I needed to go. The day before classes began we went to wal-mart for school supply shopping she out of her own money which wasn't alot considering that she was living off a monthly check since she couldn't work anymore, she bought me a school bag to hold my supplies, I told her no, no no but she wouldn't hear of it. That's the kind of person Malinda was, she would give u the shirt off her back if you needed it. Heck even if she needed it she would still give it. When she was declared legally blind and her license was taken away, more than that was taken away. I knew how much she loved driving and driving herself places was the only way she could out of the house whenever she wanted to. She ride the b-bus just so she could go to the store, at times she would call me for a ride and I jumped at the chance to take her wherever she wanted to go. Then she got gout on both her feet and had to wear medical shoes, but the gout got worse and she was bound to a moblie chair. I could see the fire that once burned so deeply in her heart, her zest for life and freedom was slowly dying. I had her move in with me and fred so I could keep her company and help keep her spirits up, she moved in depressed and very over weight, when she moved out she was begining to mobility in her right leg again and she was done 31 pounds. She moved out because me and fred had to move. She promised me she would still come by the house to visit me, which she did on occasion but I could see that she was not taking care of herself like she was when she was living with me. After moving back home from living with me and fred she lasted 4 months and then she got put in a nursing facility, after that it went down hill and fast, she lasted a month and half, the weekend that she passed away, I was suppose to go see her. She called me to see her and I came home! I was in Corpus to see her and the baby had gotten sick and threw up on outfit so we came home. I called Malinda to tell her I would be there Sunday After noon. She said she was looking forward to seeing my youngest in the outfit she bought him. That was on Saturday afternoon, Sunday Morning I found out she was gone. As I stood at my front porch all the pain that I saw Malinda in, all the hurt when Malinda lost one thing after another everything that poor soul went through. Although the pain of losing her was almost crippling to my heart, I was relieved to know that it was over. Malinda Wyatt, My best-friend, my partner in crime, my sister was gone. No longer in pain and able to walk with Jesus. ...Walk... Malinda is able to walk again. My lovely friend is walking. Rest In wonderful, blessed, peace sweet Malinda. I'll see you again one day. I love you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They grow up so fast!

This was taken the last day of school and since school is about to beging again, I decided to post this. My little brother who was born when I was 16 is now going to be a freshman, and my son who was born when I was 19 is going into 6th grade! Wow! We rented them and 5 each of their friends a limo for the last day of school to pick them up and take them whever they wanted to go for 2 hours. She limo driver took them to Aransas Pass and brought them back on the ferry. The kids were very excited, they said that everyone on the ferry were looking at them and some where even taking pictures. They felt like big shots that day, and I helped give them a memory they can keep with them for the rest of their lives. We are thinking about renting another limo for the first day of school but we are still not sure. I pray everyday that god gives these kids the strength to be strong and not fall into a bad crowd. I pray for the knowledge I need to help raise them into being young men and women society can benefit from. Thanks for reading!

A sneak peek into my life.

This blog page is going to be dedicated to my personal thoughts, wants, hopes and dreams. I will talk about events in my life and the people that are in it. My views on events basically, just random insloughts of my mind. Leave comments or questions about what I'm writing or just sit back and enjoy your trip through my days and mind. I will type alot about weight, food and nutrition since that is one of the biggest things in my life as of lately.